You're Here!

Welcome to the vendor page, where we talk about all things expo and what this means for you. 

Step One: Understand the Expo


This expo is unlike anything else in the area, and we understand that this will be a lot of questions. This is our first show so there are no set numbers or expectations. All we want to do is show off beautiful Lake Tahoe and help potential wedding clients understand why


So, here's some details about all the things...

Virtual Seminars: You will work with the NGBN production crew in their Carson City studio to create a 15-20 minute seminar/workshop directed towards potential wedding clients. Your professionally crafted seminar will be available nationwide via the NGBN.TV app and instantly to all registered attendees. 


Wedding Expo: There will be physical wedding expo in the Tahoe Biltmore Grand Ballroom on March 29th, 2020 11am-2pm. This is "traditional", in a sense, with a non-traditional twist. Every vendor will be sat down during the show and interviewed LIVE by the NGBN host. With our on-site live link, vendors will be able to interact with our virtual attendees and can answer all the questions attendees might have about your business. It's just like chatting up the couples in person, but virtually!

Full Package: Get the most exposure possible. Register for both and receive a discount!

Step Two: Ask All The Questions

Once you have an idea of what you like and how it fits into your budget, you might have some additional questions. 

Call/Text: 775-283-8128


Step Three: Fill Out + Submit The Application 

Got all your questions answered? Great! Next step: